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XL v Vista

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Good luck UnVistaing. I had an upgrade version of Vista that I upgraded from an upgraded version of xp. I think the last full version of Windows I bought was Windows 2000. Imagine installing a full version with an upgrade. I wasn't about to go buy another full version. Well it took tech support in India over three hours to walk me through the mess of UnVistaing. That's what i get for buying a half off priced version of Vista and thinking it was a good thing. Back up, format and start over with XP. I can only compare Vista to Windows Millennium. All window dressing. Why they decided to reinvent the wheel is beyond me. Other than Quad core support and Media player why? And then how many Quad cores are running around out there? Not enough to justify a new op sys. Lastly Vista's mail client stinks. I could go on but I won't. Abandon ship..................

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