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Running through walls (of buildings)


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Playing USMC FISH, I noticed this behaviour:

Gave a blast command to enter a building:


They ran straight through the wall of the building, exiting the building on the other side of the

wall at a right-angle to the building and then entered the building at the front door.

(And were shot to pieces in the process).



My guess is that the behaviour is related in some way to the external wall that runs into

the building; it is as if they run through a gap in the wall (ignoring the building in the way)

and then enter the building from the other side.

(I have a save game if needed, but it is only one move into USMC FISH.)

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Ah, the problem is that there shouldn't be a building where that wall is. The user interface of the Editor won't allow such placements by default, but there is a way to "trick" the game into accepting the configuration. I can't remember exactly how that is done.

I'm not sure there is anything that can be done about it, but I'll bring it to Charles' attention.


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