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New Scenario: Monkey Mashup H-2-H Madness

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All ye who strive for authenticity in OOBs of the respective combatants, turn your head in despair!

All ye who yearn for reproductions of battlefield conditions to the nth degree of realism, cease reading this now!

Single players and connoisseurs of fine maps, had also better look elsewhere, for there is no plan for the AI and the map is stock (thanks to the designer, if I find out who it is I’ll give credit).

What I did put time into was force composition, which I decided loosely on a few guiding principles. The principles are: (1) Each side will be composed of a mixture of US army, marines, Syrian regular and special force units, and have different AFVs to the opposing side. (2) The two forces should be roughly equivalent in firepower, given that the opposing sides are composed of entirely different kinds AFVs (at least they are balanced exactly in terms of javelins per side). (3) Tanks shall be limited to 4 per side, but be lowest grade Russian equipment. (4) The rest of the forces will be light armor. (5) All foot soldiers will have a seat in a vehicle, of some sort.

What resulted from the application of these principles? Two hodgepodge forces of about 25 AFVs, assorted infantry to man them, on a flattish map, with an hour to destroy each other. Points are rewarded as follows: 300pts for occupying the sad collection of houses in the middle and 200pts for destroying over 50% of your enemy’s force.

My advice is to a) carefully examine your forces at the start up - I tried to put the infantry into the vehicles they came with, but it wasn’t always possible; B) Play it double blind and see what happens; c) Ignore my advice, pick a side at random, send the setup to your partner and plunge straight in all guns blazing - good strategy for those who like surprises.

I’d be interested to know if one side comes out on top consistently, and why. I’ve tried to make these forces as different as possible while being relatively balanced, so any suggestions for improvement in this respect gratefully received.

If you like what you find here, I invite you to make your own Monkey Mashup battles – it just takes a little time juggling units in the scenario editor.

For the time being though, this scenario is unique. Get it here:


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