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HonchCantona Fall Weiss bigger map

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I have Expanded Honch first mod for PDE (Not the one based on the European theater map), i have added more of Russia and India and more of Africa and then more scripts and other stuff, i have tried to have the best possible OOB (as to my knowledge)

I´s brand new and not so much playtested so please have a go at it, it should work for both humans and AI players.

Changes included:

1. More USSR on the map )and moved the Urals eastwards), India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Montevideo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone, bigger Iran, Spanish Africa, Cameroon, Goa and some more.

2. Changes Anti tank to Militia

3. Variant scripts (originally from the Third Reich mod)

4. Increased the costs since more MPP´s is avaliable (more resources on the map)

5. Changed force pool and names on units

6. Added more scripts (mostly for units), and also more partisan units will appear

7. You need to take Narvik to defeat Norway, and Luleå to defeat Sweden

Thankyou Honch for your permission to use your mod, your work is excellent!

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Updated mod is now at CMMods.

Changes include:

1. More convoys

2. Changes done to reserach, made it a bit more expensive.

3. Added many decision scripts, now it is 24 of them.

4. Many other scripts added/changed.

5. Rockets is possible to by for the mjor countries, but i have made Germnays V1 and V2 to scripts. (like Honch)

6. Many more media files added to get the ww2 flavour.

7. Added german surface raiders to France, Norwegian and Spanish ports.

8. Atombomb scripts (decisions).

9. Made some changes on map in Africa (added Mombasa)

10. Changes units (added and deleted and given names to more)

11. Moved Moscow a few tiles east.

12. I have also removed Narvik as a possible capital for Norway

Hope you like it, and please give feedback on what you think!

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Updated version 2.1 now on CMMods

1. Corrected "Engelbrecht to Finland" script

2. Added a couple of pop up scripts (Royal oak sinking etc.)

3. Added one bomber to UK production queue

4. Removed one fighter from Germanys production pool

5. Replaced one fighter with one attackbomber for Germany on the map

6. Fixed weather for some tiles

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I'm extremely interested in maps (both the entire globe and focused just on Europe). Has anyone made such maps at the full resolution of 256x128?

Where is "CMMods"?

greetings, it is the largest scenario bank for strategic command blitzkrieg, sometimes it is down but not often with this problem, the url is as follow...


good luck and welcome,

with best regards,


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