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tow multiplayer


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thinking of buying this game for me and 2 friends

multiplayer sounds cool in that more than 2 players can play a game and can coop against the ai.............does it work well over cable /dsl connection

can you play via email? like combat mission??

we've all played cm and this sounds like a cool upgrade



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good idea to buy it. very good idea.

it works very well over dsl connection.

we played up to 8 players with it through a dsl connection. and we are mainly 4 to play it each week.

and it works fine with hamachi.

but no issue to play via email. only tcp/ip.

this game is more an upgrade of close combat than combat mission.

and it is a great game. you will enjoy it i'm sure.

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my friend downloaded the demo and said it ran kinda slow on his high end computer (he runs and xp system with the latest nvidia card and plenty of ram as he builds computers for a living)

is this an issue or could it be the demo just runs slow

sounds cool


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Steps onto Soapbox................

Why oh why is the MP server never up & functional!

Hello 1C & BFC you are loosing serious $$$ because this is where TOW could potentially shine (Like IL2!)! ;)

At the moment MP is at best disfunctional because is virtually impossible to get a game together unless previously arranged by direct IP. :(

For Gawds sake please get this issue sorted out & put to bed yesterday!.

I've been a loyal TOW supporter since release, but this is now starting to seriously undermine my belief in your commitment to the game's community.

BFC the least you could do is host an official master server (Preferably a Sun X4600 series :) ).

IMO you guys (BFC/1C) have seriously neglected the MP side of your game (& Business Model>!?) which to me seem's a serious oversight.............show some long term commitment, it will reap rewards, I am sure!

That's all ladies & gents,

KHmmm I thenk ewe!



Steps off Soapbox!

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