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Shimmering Problem

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Thought I'd get back into playing cmak and got this.

When moving the cursor I get bad graphics shimmering on the 3d screen. Always had it a little bit but it's now much worse.

Fwiw, I also get this on ms flight simulator 9 and shock force but am able to solve it with anti-alias on both of those. At a fps hit of course. Anti-alias makes no difference with cmak.

I have:

Athlon 3000 2 gig, 1 gig ram, nvidia 7600 GT 512 meg, SB Live, xp pro, acer 19" flat screen monitor, screen res native 1280x1024, all latest drivers including latest dx. I tried different nvidia drivers to try and solve without aa for fs but none helped.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I don't have a faulty monitor or gpu. Everything else works fine. The problem is with terrain from three games only that shows city landscape.

I just set nhancer with combined 8xs aa, aniso at 16x, best quality for texture, lod clamp and it helped some. But when I scroll side/side or up/down, each object (house, trees etc) vibrates quickly and creates a shimmering effect.

Can someone from BFC please respond to see if this can be corrected? Thanks.

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Have you looked in the CMAK FAQ for anything resembling your problem?

Also try searching this Tech Support forum for the keyword shimmering - I counted 23 results which might contain a solution.

The last time this cropped up in 2006 had this: Link

I might be able to help with the shimmering issue. I stumbled on this purely by accident.

There's a utility out for nVidia cards called nHancer(Advanced Profile Editor for nVidia cards) it can be downloaded

at nhancer.com. There are enhanced settings for AA and AF that I set in the utility that eliminated the shimmering for me.

I'm waiting on a video card replacement, so I can't access my settings or driver version. My video card is a 6800 ultra.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for posting. I've been using nHancer. And the aa settings that fixed the problem with flight sim. Didn't work with cm. Tried the settings recommended in that thread and that didn't help. Neither did a couple others I tried. The fix for shimmering is aa and not aniso as someone in that thread suggests although I have aniso on 16x. Nothing seems to help with cmak. Neither did any other threads that came up in my forum search.

I guess I'm screwed unless someone from bfc has a solution. If they ever answer.

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With fs the best texture filtering is best. Here I've tried both with no change. Not possible to post a picture. Shimmering only occurs when scrolling. It's like a very rapid very small vibration of the scenery including the letters. It happens with some 3d games like fs and cm but not others.

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Might be worth PMing Costard and asking what settings he's using -

Could it could be your LCD monitor's response time that is causing the shimmering problem?

Could you be more specific on the particular Acer monitor you have? Can you try a different screen?



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Hi Canada Guy

I run XP with Nvidia 7600GT. CMSF and all the CMX1 games run fine.

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Is the shimmering happening when you move the mouse or when you use the arrow buttons to move around? If it is the former, it sounds like you may have some sort of weird interference/feedback problem with the mouse. Maybe try a different mouse?

We had a discussion in the GF about some interference causing noise a while back - and I forget what the solution was, sorry,.

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The problem occurs (same with flight sim) when the terrain moves. With flight sim when flying and looking at the terrain. With cm when putting the mouse at the edge of the screen and the the terrain moves.

This isn't isolated with me. There are different threads in various flight sim forums about this problem. And it is aa that solves it. The aa for some reason doesn't work with cmak. That's why it would be nice if someone from bfc would chime in. Their complete absence is troubling, like they don't care or something.

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Can't help with a solution, but I can say I am having the same, or similar, problem with Afrika Corp and Berlin. Overlord does not have the problem(!?!).

The battlefield itself is fine but there seems to be a square around the battlefiled that keeps shimmering. I've tried playing a numerous resolutions. I've had these games "forever" and have never had a problem until loading them on my new Gateway Vista64 machine with Geforce 8500 card. I certainly hope someone has an idea on this.


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My problem is different. It is on the battlefield and is very noticeable when the terrain moves. Very distracting and hard on the eyes.

My computer crashed last weekend and I ordered another. Instead of an athlon it will be a pentium 4. It should be here tomorrow and I'll try this out over the weekend and hope the problem is over. Will post again in a few days.

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