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Any way to get rid of the HQ?

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It's really annoying that I can't get battalion fire support without having the damned Bn HQ along. Any workaround to delete the HQ while keeping the mortars? Or any other Bn asset I might need?

If I'm showing a main effort company-level attack, I should be able to get the Bn Mortar Plt without the Bn HQ clown posse rolling along with them.

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If you're building a scenario that's UNDER 1 hour long you can send your HQ units into 'exile'. I've been making 55 minute scenarios, no extra time, and assigning my pesky HQ units as 'reinforcements' showing up after 60 minutes. Unfortunately 60 min is the max reinforcement time.

For fairness you might want to asign friendly bonus points for the opposing side since the 'exiled' units are unkillable but still count towards victory points.

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