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If you could simulate any set-piece battle

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in CMX2.....what would it be. This is assuming of course, you could supply the necessary troop formations and weapons types.

For me, Dien Bien Phu would be a blast. It's probably a little too large to be simulated in one go, it would need to be broken down into smaller battles ala campaign. Would need to simulate up to regimental level per battle, so a lot of infantry.

The most complex part of this would be simulating air drops and paratrooper insertions as well as the "assault" trenches the Viet Minh used to approach the strongpoints.

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I totally agree, in fact, funnily enough, just before I checked the forums I began working on a CMX2 version of the battle for LZ-Xray in the Ia Drang Valley. I enjoy "last stand" type battles of a few veteran troopers against hordes of greens and conscripts. So far, as I go through the infantry formations available to me for blue, it fits fairly well, minus the Javelins and such. And for the red, well the Vietnamese and Syrians both use very similar outdated Soviet equipment, so that should be easy. Good luck with Dien Bien Phu :) That'll be a mouthfull.

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