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Hi Nupremal

You're totally right, but we were just adding potential names for players to use should they wish to build some more ships, as ship names are often re-used.

That's why their names only appear as options for naming the ships, rather than as the names of ships that actually start in the game.

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fair enough - I was researching the ships they had and noticed it.

Nupremal, best regards, i have seen in your mod that you named the german air wings after first world war german pilots, i are on my way to play the mod, looks great, only to make such a map deserves a score of 4 to 5, please excuse to be offtopic, as i quoted you and make here post to claim your interest, the main purpose of my post is about i miss one of the most relevant german pilots, in fact, manfred von richtofen flight mentor, oswald boelcke, maybe or may not you want to add boelcke in the mod, i send yoy a page in wikipedia that says a little about oswald boelcke, i think, not sure however that the american pilot that shoot down the red baron was rickenbaker, or canadian, as said, not sure, also not sure about the correct spelling of his name, rickenbaker, i think, so, here goes the link about boelcke, best regards and best luck with your scenario, great work, for sure i will play it when i find the time available,


best regards,


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Alarick, thanks for the interest.

One thing is that while that mod was not completed, I do have a newer version. However the reason it was not finished is that I switched the platform to the new Pacific game. One reason was for the carriers, but if it were just that I would not have switched. The main reason is I want to do the map differently. While that one had the whole world, the problem was the combat areas got small. Instead I have cut those off and also discovered how the scale works. With the isometric perspective, if you look at the coordinates, the X coordinate (vertical) is 2x the Y, so using coordinates you have say 50 miles per X, 25 per Y. This is why the map guide suggests reduce map vertically by 50% (or it is the same as increasing the horizontal by 200%). Now that said, of course, its hard to find a map the size I need, nor is the scale correct because of the projection (North too big). So here is what I am doing:

Top of Map = European Theatre, scale 50/25

Bottom of Map = Pacific Theatre, scale = 70/35

I set a coordinate in Europe = London and then measure distance to each city. This is the direct distance = hypotenuse of a triangle, and using the latitude where 1 degree = 69.2 miles, I triangulate every coordinate city based on a central city (London in this case) so I get the exact coordinates, then fill in the details by eye.

In any case, the various map sections are linked w/loops, plus instead of full maps the USA is an off-map "mini-map" since no combat will take place there. I will also have an off-map area for East Africa (Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya), South Africa, and Australia (to the South - the top will be on the map). Plus I added in a little section for South America for convoys to the UK. There has to be a generic "neutral" nation which by various means territory can be annexed from (for instance, I use that for baltics, for siberia...) In any case that map is about 60% done now.

To answer your question - the reason I did not have them all is there is a limited number of builds that exceeds the number of JG units, so I had to pick some and leave others out. I suppose I could just allow more builds but keep the build limit, - will consider that.

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greetings, what you say makes sense, well, i played for some years wargames, tabletop/bookcase and computer wargames, World in Flames boardgame and some others scenarios i have seen trough time makes the map as you are trying, will be a lot of work and i did hope the better for that scenario you are working on, to find the right balance in the map scale and the right balance on the nations units build allowance is too a hard endeavor, you post show that you are dedicated to it deeply, i have not advice to say by now to it, find just right as you explain it, hope the best for your scenario and mod,

with best regards,


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