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Jpeg's in downloads??

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I've downloaded some compressed files from the repository and CMMODs. When I unzip them, I see the .btt or .btb or .cam files, as expected. Some also have additional files such as readme's, word, or jpegs. Now, the readme's and word files are self-explanatory. I can open them up and read them. None of them get put in my scenario or campaign folders. Should they?

Finally, the jpegs: some look quite good and seem to be meant to be used with the scenario/campaign. Yet, I only copy the .cam or .btt/.btb files into their appropriate folders. What should I do with the jpegs? How/where do I put them so they can be integrated into the briefings when I start the campaign/scenario? Or, are they just wasted efforts by the designers?



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Do they look like they're supposed to be in the briefings? Do the briefings lack graphics?

Unless you answered yes to both of these, you don't do anything with them; just take a look at them before you start the mission. Other than that, the main thing that you can do is to go into the scenario editor and import them to the various available slots.

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Nope, jpegs couldn't go into the game even if you wanted them to. The art in the game is all .bmp.

When someone uploads to cmmods.com or Repository an explanatory jpeg picture is expected to be included with the mod or map. Some people (including me) usually throw that jpeg into the compressed folder as well just to remind people what they downloaded. If after 3 weeks you return to your mod download folder and find 'JoesTrackArtRedo' you might need that jpeg to jog your memory what the heck it is! :D

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