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sewer advice

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I know, I know..its not the best way to get around...but I decided to use it in the operation I am currently fighting..hope my opponent is not around...but I thought it might be a nice surprise if they pop up in the future behind his lines when he think an objective is secure....

I only sent one platoon with a high sneak leader...

now this is my question....what happens to them if they are in the sewers between battles of an operation?

does the movement continue or are they spit out or do they disappear?

the rulebook didn't mention it ad I couldn't find a discusion with the search option so I was hoping you could enlighten me......in any case I guess I'll find out because the first battle is lmost over.....


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well....I have my answer....If in the sewer a unit is returned to where it entered the sewer at the set up phase of the next battle.......pretty disappointing but kind of expected...I compensated by repositioning them near where they are heading.

on another note its dawn, he has lots of artillery and there is no fog for me( just light rain) I feel a hurting coming on.

happy new year everybody.

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Just spread your troops. The interior (away from outer walls) of large stone buildings is a good place to survive a barrage, as is the rubble from buildings. So have only a few men (halfsquads, LMGs, ATR,...) as lookouts, rest hidden deep inside.

Once the building gets damaged, you can enter the sewers for a while or rush somewhere else. Once dropped, rush back in. Troops in sewers are not affected by buildings collapsing above them. They'll just return to the rubble.

It is usually direct HE that destroys buildings. The chances of several arty rounds hitting a house till it collapses are too low if it ain't 170mm+ rounds so I would not care much about arty when _deep_ inside buildings anyway. That is if you don't fear direct fire HE concentrations on single buildings already damaged from the arty barrage.

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yea I am trying..so far he is making contact and holding back and bombarding untill my forces are mostly routed and then mopping up the rest.

he controls the only major stone building on the front line (he destroyed most of it with his arty and killed all but four men from the two platoons inside(actually its a factory which may not be stone...)

all my forces are in light buildings along a road..I think I can hold him off of two of the major objectives just because he is moving very slowly....but I made the mistake of attempting to counterattack his initial beach head before I realized his arty was so effective.

so I am just hiding all my guys and hoping I can nickel and dime him with ambushes.

and when he runs out of ARTY I will have my day :-P

I hope I get reinforcements soon.....

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