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Possible dual OS (OS9/OS X) Mac G5 found!

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Am still waiting for confirmation on actual functionality, but a close friend of mine has discovered at his high end digital retouching job

a dual processor, dual OS, 2 GHz Mac G5. Call him stunned to discover OS 9 on his work rig and me all but speechless at the news. We're not sure whether this is a) a failed hack, B) a successful hack, or c) a covert response by Apple to demands from high end users for a really fast dual OS capable Mac G5.

According to my friend, the guy who owns this firm buys the best. My friend's work rig, one of a bunch there, for example sports 3.5 GB of RAM and is probably less than a year old.

If such a dynamite rig really exists and is in fact fully dual OS functional (CMAK Demo download and play status unknown; seemed like a great test to me!), then at least part of the cloud over the Mac community may be lifted. Such a rig could run the whole CM family, including the new game engine, when it comes out late this year. Has anyone encountered/heard of such a cybernetic marvel?


John Kettler

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errr... All G5's can have Mac OS 9.2.2 installed so it's possible to run old applications in the classic environment. It doesn't mean they can boot up in 9.

The last Mac I believe sold as a dual boot was the G4 1.25

There isn't a separate OS 9 install disk as it used to, it now comes as part of the package on the newer OSX install DVDs


The other option is to get an old g4 tower and slap a processor upgrade in. I've got an old G4 450 DP with a Giga designs 1.25 DP upgrade, 120 and 40 Gb HDs and a Gig of ram all in preparation for CMX and it doesn't harm the current CM apps.

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Just to add this reference:

Macintosh: Some Computers Only Start Up in Mac OS X

Some Macintosh computers start up only in Mac OS X. These computers can run Classic, but they do not start up in Mac OS 9.

In September 2002, Apple announced that starting in January 2003, new Macintosh computers would only start up into Mac OS X, while retaining the ability to use most Mac OS 9 applications in Mac OS X's "Classic" environment.

These Macintosh computers only start up in Mac OS X:

* PowerBook G4 (12-inch) and later models of 12-inch PowerBook G4

* PowerBook G4 (15-inch FW 800) and later models of 15-inch PowerBook G4

* PowerBook G4 (17-inch) and later models of 17-inch PowerBook G4

* Power Mac G4 (FW 800)

* Power Mac G5

* iBook G4 and iBook G4 (14-inch) and later models of iBook

* iMac (Flat Panel) with serial numbers of xx303xxxxxx or later

* iMac (17-inch 1 GHz) and later models of iMac

* eMac (ATI Graphics) most models (see Note)

* eMac (USB 2.0)

Note: eMac (ATI Graphics) models with CD-ROM or Combo drives can boot into Mac OS 9.

Tip: These computers include a Mac OS 9 System Folder on the Mac OS X volume. This System Folder contains the necessary files to run the Classic environment.

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Currently a ATI 7500 AGP Radeon that seems to be the optimum card for Mac CM - fog and smoke come up fine unlike subsequent ATI cards. Can't comment on Nvidia but someone did a survey of screenies and there was significant downsampling with the then current Mac Nvidia cards.

He doesn't need to unpack the demo all he need to do is go to the system prefs - start up/boot - and see if OS9 is valid. It won't be

At most your friend could roughly run CMBO in classic on the G5 but it won't be a pretty sight.

Originally posted by John Kettler:


Appreciate the info! No word yet from my friend, who at last report had downloaded the CMAK Demo but hadn't unpacked it and tried to run it. Are you using a 7000 series ATI board in your rig or an NVidia board of some sort?


John Kettler

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