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Is There Balanced Forces Guidelines For CMAK?


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I've played alot of combined arms, june 44 to may 45 and I think it's pretty balanced, especially 1500 and 3k games. 2k can be tough for Allies because German player can purchase battalion and two tiger in example it can be pretty hard to beat for the beginner, unless you know how to fight against it.

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In terms of realism armour only sucks mightily but for fun they rate higher. To raise the fun level you could throw in vehicles also - getting a Wasp to fry a Tiger would make a game in itself : )

1945 seems no problem for balance as the Allies have plenty of choice for tank-killers.

1943 is tricky. The Allies have to be British if they want tanks that can kill cats at range. That is using the 6pdr [57mm] armed Churchill or Valentine and the Germans can field a platoon of either cat plus some infantry. Allies would have nine or ten tanks plus similar infantry. In December they have a little more tungsten , average .75 per tank!, so that helps to keep the Germans more honest.

A lot therefore comes down to the terrain. Wider map helps the Allies, narrow the Axis. Basically I think 1943 possibly favours the Germans but not by very much against the Brits - against 75mm US Shermans the Germans would be slightly better off.

1941: loads of tanks that can kill each other and even the Matilda is not safe. Quite an amusing battle I would think.

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Thanx for your advice, dt. :-)

I was thinking about banning the cats. I know that Matildas can be very hard to KO in 1941 as well. Another idea I read was that tanks can be only purchased in platoons and that at least two different types MUST be purchased with a third type allowed if desired. This may preclude the use of cats anyway.

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I almost added that bit about different platoons as in the early war you can get a dozen tanks or so. The Germans have HC in December 1941 so Matilda's are not safe - so at that stage you could have two or three types of tank.

Late war the tanks are much more expensive so one platoon is a big chunk of budget for the Axis. I see no reason to ban cats in 45, and in '43 the UK player could supplement his tanks with a Carrier 6pdr combo so that even the woods become dangerous for expensive German armour.

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