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I'm not understanding this.

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I should probably preface this with the statement that I am fairly new to the series and this is my first game of the Pacific campaign. Nice game. I am enjoying it immensely.

I am playing against the Axis AI on the default difficulty. I am using fog of war but because I am trying to figure some things out I turn it off and look around once in awhile. Usually it's a saved game from earlier as to not spoil too much of the suspense. It is now spring of '44'.

What I don't follow is all the Japanese corps units that are entering the game. The manual and the editor both indicate that the Japanese have army units for infantry and apparently army units only; except their navel landing forces of course.. Yet the build queue in the game keeps showing corps units. Sometimes five or six appear on a single turn such as Sept. 1943.

In China, where I find I am hard pressed to say the least; the Japanese have currently massed 56 infantry units supported by air, arty, and armor. Of these 56, 23 are corps size units. Some are on the front lines discrediting my original theory that they must be garrison units. Some are fully upgraded and some are not just like the armies and special forces units.

What is happening here? The editor has the build limits for the Japanese corps blank which for me as the allies means I can't build that unit at all. (Speaking of armies for Allies.) Yet the Japanese are building corps by the peck it appears.

The editor also indicates zero cost for Japanese corps units. Does that mean they are building these units at no cost?

What about transport? These units don't seem to start out on the home islands. They just appear it seems. I may be mistaken on this as I haven't been checking that closely.

If anybody knows what is actually occurring and why I would appreciate it if they would share it, as I am rather perplexed by what seems to be an overt breach of the stated rules.


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Hi Jeff

I'm glad you're enjoying the game! :)

The AI is given a number of free Corps for garrison purposes, and these will tend to arrive where needed. These units will arrive by script so they are free for the AI.

You are right in thinking that the rules do not apply to the AI in the same way that they do to human players, as the AI needs a little helping hand. The reason is that the AI is more cautious than a human player would be, and if it doesn't feel that all important areas are secure then it won't advance.

For the AI, having a garrison on just about every resource is the only way it will feel secure, so it does require a fair few. From looking at the map we might know that particular locations are as safe as houses, but the AI doesn't think like that. It sees a resource unguarded and worries that you might send a nasty amphibious transport to capture it, so rather than launching an offensive into China or Burma it would instead act more defensively by garrisoning its perceived weak points first. As I'm sure you can imagine, if it were to do this then you would never feel very threatened, so the Corps are just there to give it a helping hand, the intention being to free up more units for aggression elsewhere.

The good thing is that to destroy Japan you do not need to capture every portion of its territory, so you won't need to destroy literally every Corps, and I imagine that the reason you are seeing some in the front line and fighting is that some have been called upon to assist in the front line. It's a bit hard to totally stop the AI doing that, but we will see what can be done.

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Clarke, The garrison issue (them getting pulled into offensives then replaced by scripts) has been a long-standing debate on the boards. The more advanced modders have tried to find ways to fix the problem too. So far, this remains unresolved.

If it gets fixed, it would take care of one of the sorest points with scenario designers in the SC2 series.

That you picked it up so early in play says good things.:)

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