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Is the vehicle list on the TOW2 page work in progress?


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I was looking at it and noticed that it is quite empty, especially compared to TOW where the unit slection was one of the strongest features.

This one has about 50 units with a grand total of 1 British tank, will there be (alot) more in the final release?

While the lack of missions (will the total of 15 be increased?) can be fixed with the editor, adding new units is quite tricky for lone modders.

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Will there be any italian units in the add-on?

Was strange to me that ToW1 would have 4 allied campaigns including two with relative minor allied countries (France & Poland) and only 1 axis campaign. I must add that the Polish and French campaigs were very enjoyable as one does not often get to play those nations.

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it is very easy to find a list of resources used by the Italian army. search on the Internet and found many.

Anyway here is a list of most commonly used in africa:

Semovente Fiat Ansaldo M 41 da 75/18

Semovente Fiat Ansaldo M 42 da 75/18

Carro armato Fiat Ansaldo M 13/40

Carro armato Fiat Ansaldo M 14/41

Carro armato Fiat Ansaldo M 15/42

Carro leggero Fiat Ansaldo L6 /40

Carro veloce Fiat Ansaldo L3/33

Carro veloce Fiat Ansaldo L3/35

Autoblindo Fiat SPA AB 42

Autoblindo Fiat SPA AB 43

Autocannone 75 C.K. su Ceirano 50 CM

Autocannone 75/27 su SPA TL 37

Autocannone 76/30 su Lancia RO

Autocannone 90/53 su Lancia 3RO

Camionetta Fiat-SPA 43 AS42 "Sahariana"

Autocarro unificato Fiat 666

Autocarro Fiat 618 M coloniale

Autocarro Fiat 634 N

Autocarro Alfa Romeo 500

Autocarro Isotta Fraschini D 70

Autocarro Dovunque Fiat-SPA 33

Autocarro Dovunque Fiat-SPA 35

Autocarro Dovunque Fiat-SPA-Breda 41

Camionetta mod. 42 sahariana

Camionetta A.S. 43

Trattore Fiat-SPA TL 37

Trattore Pavesi 30-30A

Trattore SPA TM 40

Trattore SPA 41

Trattore Breda 32-33-40-41

Motociclo Benelli 37 250 cc

Autovettura Alfa Romeo 2500 CM

Autovettura Lancia Aprilia coloniale tipo 97

Autocarretta OM Mod. 36

Obice da 75/13

Obice da 75/18 Mod. 34

Obice da 75/18 Mod. 35

Cannone da 75/27 Mod. 906

Cannone da 75/27 Mod. 911

Cannone da 75/27 Mod. 912

Cannone da 75/27 C.K.

Cannone da 75/27 A.V.

Cannone da 75/34

Cannone da 75/46 Mod. 34 A.A.

Cannone da 76/40 no

Cannone da 76/45 no

Cannone da 77/28 Mod. 5

Cannone da 77/28 Mod. C.A.

Obice da 100/17 Mod. 914

Obice da 100/17 Mod. 916

Cannone da 105/28

Obice da 149/13

Obice da 149/17

Obice da 149/19

Cannone da 149/35

Cannone da 149/35 S.

Cannone da 149/35 A.

Cannone da 149/40 Mod. 35

obviously these are just some


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I dont believe the British had the 17lb gun until Normady, used most effectively on the Sherman "FireFly". was not put to service until 1943.

I was not impressed with TOW1 very much, thought it was too glichy, editor sucked at least it seemed difficult to use. The Graphics are great in TOW2, but without being turned based I think it lost what made CMAK, and CMBB so great. If they improve the editor so that normal people can use it, and throw in as much detail that they did with CMBB, CMak, and redo CMBO that would be great. TOW2 looks great, introducing the US, british against the Germans, but if we can not relive the Good ole Rommel days fighting alongside the Italians vs the South Africans, New Zealanders, French, Ghurka, Indan, then to me what they are selling has lost some soul. Great graphics... but where is the meat? At least tell us there will be an editor to where you can employ the units from 1941 to 45? CMAK and CMBB has so much depth that if this game can not meet the same, then it really is not better, just better fluff and graphics. If you dont agree then tell me why you think TOW2 is much better than CMAK or CMBB besides graphics.

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If you go to Modding forum, you'll see that normal people actualy can use the editors. I think it's somewhat pointless to compare CM and ToW since they were designed differently and arguing which game is better is like arguing what is better - beer or wine. Choosing turn-based or real-time game depends on your taste and it's not CMBB fault to be turn-based just like it's not ToW fault to be real-time.

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Why is the list not broken down into 3 nations? Since the American forces were fighting from the west and Montgomery from the east. I know there were some British army units amongst the American forces but for the game you could split the two. The lack of British armour is a little disappointing also since N.Africa was a major theater for Britain and the Commonwealth. Italy not being present is a bit sad as well since this was their major theater as well. Hopefully we will see more British tanks and vehicles, and the Italians being added.

I am still looking forward to the game just hope that the list will fill out a bit more with other tanks for Britain.

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Thats good to hear about the Italians, anyone got a link to where they have been mentioned?


Thanks, I am glad that list isn't the complete version since TOW had many unit types and it would have been a shame to see less for what looks like a damn good sequel.

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The vehicle list on the TOW2-page does not really show major differences or expansions to the vehicles already implemented in TOW (1). Have there been any changes / updates since 4th August 2008?

Ok, there are some “new” variants of Pzkw III + IV, the famous 8.8 cm FLAK, the lIG 7.5 cm IG-gun and a couple of new aircraft on the German side and the earlier version of the Stuart-Tank , the GMC M3 (with 75 mm AT-gun) the 2-pdr AT-gun and the Bofors AA-gun and also a couple of new planes on the allied side so far.

Although it has been stated that Italian infanty is implemented in the new game I would appreciate some basic important Italian armored vehicles like the Autoblindo AB-41/42 (armored car), Semovente M 41/42 da 75/18 (self propelled gun) , the camionetta “sahariana” (multi-purpose reconnaissance vehicle) and the carri armati M 14/41 and/or M 15/42 (tanks) + some kind of Autocannone with some sort of AT/AA armament (Truck mounted guns). Concerning artillery, the standard Italian 47/32 AT-gun, Mitragliatrice Breda 20 mm AA/AT-gun and/or Cannone 75/46 AA-gun and some other sort of Italian 7.5 cm, 10 cm or 10.5 cm artillery would be fine.

Of course the famous Macchi-200 or Fiat fighter aircraft and the SM-79 bomber aircraft would be nice.

Are there any new allied units besides those already mentioned? Like the M 7 Priest self-propelled gun, the Churchill III Tank, M3 Grant / Lee variants, Bishop SP-gun , MK-IV /V Valentine and the Humber Mk II armored car, truck mounted 2- or 6-pdr AT-guns, American 37/55 M3A1 AT-guns?

Any other German armoury? E.g. ”Marder” 7.5/7.62 cm SP-guns, Sd. Kfz. 233 (with 7.5 cm gun), single barreled AA-gun carriers, Sd. Kfz. 251/10 (half-truck with 3.7 cm AT-gun) , Sd. Kfz. 251/2 (with 81 mm mortar) and Sd. Kfz 251/9 (with 7,5 cm infantry gun), captured Valentine-tanks, captured APC M3s, 20 mm FLAK 38 AA-guns (not mounted), 5 cm, 6 cm, 3” and / or 81 mm mortar teams on map, AA-machineguns on vehicles/on the ground, Haftholladungen (magnetic HEAT-mines), HEAT-rounds for 3,7 AT-Gun PAK 35/36 (spigot), off-/on-board-arty like Nebelwerfer (rocket-propelled arty)?

Can heavy machine guns be moved by its crew now and/or being placed on the roof/ 2nd floor of a building?

Can heavy machine guns be placed in trenches now? (they have been far too vulnerable in TOW, I didn’t like to use them much in TOW as crews got killed to easily, except those in fortifications, and of course i coldn't move them!)

Writing about fortifications, is there any new type of bunker in the game (e.g. AT-positions such as R-35 / H-35 turrets, Italian M 14 Tanks covered by rocks and turned into “mini-forts” , so-called “Ringstände “ or “Tobruk-Stände” (= bunkers entirely dug in with only a l-MG 34/42 placed in an open hatch and used in terrestrial- as well as in AA-rule ) )? Any 1-2 men foxholes (as in CM)?

Do other vehicles, except those dedicated to AA-defense, now have AA-capacity e.g. browning 0.5 “, Bren or MG 34/42 machineguns mounted on APC M3s, APC Sd.Kfz. 250/251, Bren-carrier , jeeps, trucks, tanks, SPGs or the KwK-38 mounted on Sd.Kfz 222?

Thank You for your answer!

For me TOW is the best RTS-tactical game ever made so far – spasiva 1C and thank you battlefront for Your efforts!

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I have only just brought this game but I am really enjoying it. I'm a little fustrated with the lack of british tanks as well. I would have thought the Churchill would have been included. I would have also hoped for some 17lb guns as well. According to wiki (that reputable source) about 100 of the 17lb guns were rushed to the Middle East on 25lb gun carriges to counter the Tiger threat. They first saw action in Feb 1943.

Is it me or or is any one else wondering why the British can't use the M4 or M3 tanks? :o

I guess it may come down to those talented individuals who can mod the game for the rest of us. ;)

Still it won't stop me playing the game. :D

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