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Early US builds

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Planning US builds in this game is a bit challenging for the simple fact that they start so far from the action. Build time + 3 turn trip to Hawaii + possibly 1 turn to upgrade + 2 or more turns before they can get anywhere useful.

So, I was just wondering what people are thinking about for early US builds. In my first game, I went sub heavy. I built 7 - 8 sub units in my first few turns as part of my first wave.

Here was my reasoning:

1) The US is already building a huge number of surface units. They start the game with a ton of surface units in the queue that will be arriving all game so I can probably hold of here a bit.

2) While the US is very short of ground troops, they take much less time to build than subs so they can be started later but arrive very soon after the subs.

3) Air units can transfer all the way across the map in 1 turn so there is less of a hurry for them.

4) Subs in silent mode make for a great early warning system. They help the US hide the bulk of his fleet until he can mass enough of a navy for a good fight and at the same time provide an opportunity to pick off Japanese naval units that stray too far from the main fleet including the occasional CV which can quickly turn the balance of power.

5) Finally, subs can perform their primary task of pressuring the convoy routes and forcing the Japanese player to keep some of his units back on sub patrol instead of out on the perimeter helping his rapid advance.

I'd be interested in what others do for early US builds and what risks I might be taking by over emphasizing subs.


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No, subs I think are a viable strategy for the reasons you mentioned. US has a lot of naval units in queue, and as long as you don't squander your carriers you'll be able to keep your navy strong. I personally like going tech-heavy, and focus on building air units (fighter, tac and bomber). They are great for supporting naval operations as they are more difficult to destroy than carrier-based aircraft, can move them quickly into an area, able to scout areas and can bleed off nearby CAP being run by enemy flattops to allow your carrier-based tac/torp fighters to sink their targets unhindered.

But, that is one of many possible US strategies. :)

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