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Ceasefire bug?

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Hi Vince.

I haven't experienced this myself, but a search through the archives here shows it to be an occasional problem with few solutions offered; mostly to do with paying attention to ammo levels and morale.

Are you only playing one set of parameters with the battles - or is it happening with all battle types (including scenarios)?

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So far as I am aware, ceasefires are more likely to come into effect if a certain set of circumstances come together. Such as low ammo levels on both sides and it’s a meeting or probe engagement. In assaults ceasefires are much less likely, and ammunition levels are not nearly as much of a factor.

Think about it the ‘real’ world. Meeting and probe engagements are either a surprise or for a very specific intelligence gathering reason. For this reason it’s understandable that ‘disengaging’ or ceasefires are more likely. Neither side is perhaps prepared to fight it out to the end. Assaults/advances are planed offensives with adequate provision for ammunition expenditure, and the troops involved on both sides know that they are there to fight it out.

To sum up ceasefires are more likely in clashes which simulate accidental meetings, or limited probing of enemy lines and less likely in full on assaults on fixed enemy positions. If you want fewer ceasefire game endings, play more advance/assault scenarios.

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Thanks for the quick replies.

Costard, I have been playing a German Assault with about 700 points, early war June 1941 Central front. Computer generates both sides, terrain is rural with light trees. Mech Infantry Vs Mech Infantry, I play the Germans. I will check the archives and see what I can find.

My ammo levels are very low when it happens so SuomiStug's logic seems correct except I was playing an assault. I've done this 3-4 times and each time I'm winning and the game is in the later turns - ceasefire is declared by the computer and the game ends.

You know, sometimes you just want to wipe out the computer :)


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700 points is not a very large force - and that tends to make smallish maps. Action therefore occurs early and 30 turns is actually quite a long time for a smallish map. We would play 1500points + for 28-30 turns.

It is possible to play games with little action I accept : )

I once played an armoured battle and that gave us a bout 20+ tanks between us but the game fizzled to a draw with I think one or two lost per side. You look at the chances of gaining anything and realise you could lose more than the flag is worth trying to take it. I am sure the computer can work that out aswell.

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