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The Green Zone scenario

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I have made my first scenario now. Called The green zone.

It is a company size american infantry unit that are about to clear a village and surrounding area in a green valley in afghanistan.

Are there any Terrys hiding in the area?:cool:

You can find it on www.cmmods.com

Please comment on it. Since it´s my first i need to get some inputs.

Have fun


(Btw. i would rather have made it with british forces, but since i only have the basic CMSF i had to use a US army infantry unit. When the british addon comes out i will make alot of scenarios and campaigns. I have soo many ideas.:D)

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marsod, please don't post direct links to CMMods as it causes the CMMods login popup to appear gratuitously anytime I open this thread. It has been said before and is an annoyance to many forum users....

It would be much appreciated if you would edit your posts to this effect.

On a lighter note, I will be playing The Green Zone right away. Thanks for providing a rare base game scenario! Almost everyone (except me) seems to have moved on to Marines already :)

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Nice scenario, I'm still not through with it but I liked it so far. It is the first CMSF scenario I played for weeks and the first with the 1.11 patch. I've never before played a scenario with so much airsupport available.

Most scenarios don't give much airsupport (if any at all) but yours almost provides too much for my taste ;)

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I gave up on this one after my JTAC got wiped out by a mortar strike. The radio operator survived but was then denied from calling in CAS and i didn't fancy having to wait 5 minutes minimum to call in my CAS.

Personally this scen has too many red heavy weapons, I don't think there are too many .50 cal MGs knocking about in afghanistan (except the ISAF ones of course). Likewise I'd get rid of the mortars, while the opfor in afghanistan certainly do have plenty of mortars I'm pretty sure they are mainly used for harrasing fires and can't be used to create the sort of devestating fire mission that wiped out the force i sent for the high ground on the left.

If you get rid of the mortars in a future version i might give this one another go.

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