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Camera keyboard control makes me angry

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I bought Shock Force today and everything runs fine and smooth. But the camera control is horrible! When I want to move the camere left, pressing "A", it moves so clumsy. It makes me angry how the camera takes his time to move on! Is there a way to boost the camera moving? With the mouse the camera moves faster but it is so exhausting. In Theatre of War the camera speed is perfect. And I also like in TOW that you switch the Angle by pulling the middle mouse button. Is there a way to do it in Shock Force too?

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I always found the keyboard controls in CMx1 too slow, though it was nice to have three levels of speed for camera movement (keyboard, mouse on screen edge, and the buttons in the UI). In CMSF we only have two speeds, and it took me a little getting used to, but I'm doing fine now and I'm convinced you will too, DeutschRitter.

Anyway, in CMSF I find I have to look at things more closely than in CMx1, so I've found I have to move the camera around more and differently than I used to, and the new way of doing it corresponds to that need, I think.

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In case you haven't done so yet, DeutschRitter, check page 18 in the manual for all the camera movement options and play around with them in-game to see what works for you...

The zoom function is an absolute favourite of mine as well as the wide angle camera mode for that extra bit of overview...there's a lot of things you can do in CMSF to see what's going on around the battlefield WITHOUT having to change the camera position at all, which I greatly appreciate because it speeds things up when I don't repeatedly have to look for that "sweet spot" where I can see all my important units at the same time.

Rotate camera, zoom in, see what's going on over in that corner in great detail, maybe give some orders, zoom out, rotate back - works in a few seconds and the camera stays in my sweet spot all the time :)

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