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Recently I created a new scenarious about the N.African Campaign. Its beguin at December 40 and ended December of 42.

Firstly, the campaign beguin with the Grazziabi Offensive to Marsa Matruh. All forces at Regimental level and some Batalions are represented.

-Sabrantha Div.

-Sirte Div.

-Gruppamento Maletty

-1 and 2º Kybian Div

-Bkack shirts Divisions.


Also, the refoircements and replacements are accurate with name, composition and date that they appears.

Here tou can see a captures about the Macro-map. Are 226 Hex X 80, each hex represent aprox. 6 Km.




You can see the real size map, looking the little square at top.

Sidi Barrani





This scenarious is for SCII War and Walfare. If there are somebody interested to play it, please contact with me at:


I hope enjoy us with the game.

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