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British Module find! Check out


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cool. Here's the direct link to the page. There are TWO Brit Force banners. One just shows a single vehicle. The juicy one has a line-up of vehicles and it pans from Right to Left. Keep searching/reloading if you can't find it. (Sometimes you need to go to a different page.)


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Nice!...Can't wait to try some Brit vs Marine battles:)

How does the Challenger compare with the Abrahms? Is it a better tank? I've seen some videos on youtube that rate the top ten tanks in the world and the Challenger is actually ranked higher.

IMO the difference is mainly going to be down to the skill of the crews.

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Challenger 2 has a 120mm, 55 calibre-length, rifled main armament (the L30).

Primary ammunition is CHARM 3 APFSDS-DU

Secondary natures are HESH and Smoke.

HESH is used against light vehicles (up to and including T55), buildings and at extreme range.

M1A1 and later Abrams have a 120mm, 44 calibre-length, smoothbore main armament (M256, IIRC)

Primary ammunition is M829A2/3 APFSDS-DU

Secondary nature is HEAT, although canister rounds are available

The L30 will have a bit more energy, but the American KE rounds have more development behind them so they will more or less equal.

HESH has more explosive than HEAT, AIUI.

Challenger 2 has better suspension, so it's faster across rough ground.

The most recent equipment fits have serious amounts of side armour plus a new armour pack over the front arc. Plus there are versions with a remote weapon system

As for primary armour, it's going to be about the same, although possibly distributed differently. Without the front pack, the Challenger 2 is a bit weak on the lower front hull.

Other than that, Challenger 2 can generate smoke screens via the exhaust, which the Abrams can't.

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It is said that the only thing thats ever killed a Challenger is another Challenger, though Im sure its doable.

I seem to remember a Challenger 2 got penetrated in the front hull by a an EFP. Didn't one get hit and penetrated by an RPG-29 from the front as well?

I don't think a Challenger 2 will be noticeably different from an Abrams. Not that I will love it any less for that.

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AIUI, one CR2 had an RPG-29 go through the lower front hull, injuring the driver, and another had a large EFP mine go through the underside of the hull, again injuring the driver.

One CR2 has been k-killed, after a HESH round from another CR2 hit an open hatch. This set off a stowed round which took the turret off. AIUI, the stowage of reactive rounds in the turret was a bit naughty

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