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Looking for TCP/Ip or PBEM play

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Cheers Taki..Definetely not a fair fight what we played (A meeting engagment that had 4 Bradleys vs 4 somewhat retarted BMP-2). The Brad is almost as good as a tank compared to the blind and paper thin BMP-2.

Good H2H scenarios are rare and a late habit of mine is making a custom force selections on community or stock maps I find interesting using the editor. Unconsiously i mimic CMx1 type combined arms meeting engagments with an asymmetrical touch of course. More and experienced mechanised units for the Syrians vs mostly infantry based US opposition with a couple of vehicles. Balance turns out ok and some games are real fun. Other people I played have made some very nice Red on Red scenarios with mirrored forces. Would be helpful if BFC could add a mirror tick box on the QB generator to ensure absolute balance for us "gamey types :)

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