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Scenario Editor settings on AI behavior

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So you need to set a "Battle Type" in the setup, and two AI behaviors in the AI settings.

So how does one Max Assault "cautiously"? Or Max Assault while in "Hide" setting?

How do these settings affect behavior when used in different combinations? In my tests, when setting Blue troops on Max Assault and Active, the troops were crawling towards the target buildings! How is the is either Max Assault or Active? I've been trying to find good settings so that the enemy AI does not become cannon fodder either by being too aggressive or too passive on the advance. Or is this even possible?

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Max Assault means that the units always stop when in contact with enemies. Hide probably only has relevance if the unit is not on move.

Why the Max.Assault/Active unit was crawling, I don't know. Was that when they came under fire, or otherwise?

Giving the AI short waypoints helps it to keep its attacking force together. Letting them stop at covered waypoints to shoot may help too.

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Nope, the guys were crawling when I brought the Airborne Syrian reinforcements into a flanking position from a building. Caught a whole bunch of marines on their bellies moving toward the buildings objective with a clear field of fire. Chopped them up pretty good.

So I switched from "Max Assault - Active" to "Advance - Cautious" and the marines moved into the building post-haste. By the time I was able to bring up the reinforcements, they got chopped up themselves because the marines had position in force inside the opposing buildings.

That's all good and well, but I can't figure how those descriptions match up against what is happening on the map.

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I'm no sure about this, but I will give it a shot anyway.:P






Are a set values that incrementally modify movement vs fire behavior, with MaxAssault stopping to fire every time and Dash not stopping to fire at anything.




Are a set of values that incrementally modify fire behavior, with Active firing a lot even if the hitting probability is low and Hide firing only when the target is just impossible to miss. Special modifier would be Ambush, but that one is easy to figure out how it works.

I think that part of the confusion arises from this blurb in the manual (bold is mine):

Hide-just as it sounds! This instructs the Group to avoid doing anything that might attract attention, such as moving or shooting.

If that "moving" part in the previous quote is true, the combination of "Dash-Hide" would be very confusing.


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Split your AI forces in two groups. Group one, overwatch, "Max-Assault-Active". Group two, assault, "Advance/Quick-Hide". I would put the same yellow destination area as I don't trust my abilities to coordinate anything with the AI editor. But you could try to put different destination areas.


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Maybe "Active, Cautious and Hide" are what occurs AFTER the movement? But then again how can you hide if the next order includes a Max Assault command?

Makes no sense. Steve, could you possibly clear this up? I've read the manual, but still can't make heads or tails of it. My tests indicate the opposite of what should be happening as I understand it.

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