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Competition for the ww2 title?


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People had the same expectations when Theater Of War was announced. Those expectations did not materialize.

Developers of this project did indeed make fairly good tank sim, but they have limited budget and time. And unlike BTS they can't just make the game and release it when it is done - they get funding from publisher and have to deliver on time. At least this is how things worked with Steel Fury and looks like the same approach will be with this game.

So I'd expect TOW-like game here as well.

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First I wrote a post about how Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942 is a tank simulator, not a CM type game, but then I realized that you meant Kharkov 1943 which is something else. Let's see. They compare it to something like Close Combat, Combat Mission or Theater of War, but they are quite different types of animals. Personally I wouldn't mind seeing some competition to Combat Mission. Competition brings innovation, it brings more players, and is in general beneficial. We'll see is it going to be closer to CC or CM or TOW when there is something to see, but like Dima, my hopes are not high.

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I've never played TOW, mainly because I'm not really into real time strategy. So, I really have no way of understanding its shortcomings as compared to Combat Mission. Nor have I played Close Combat, so, the only yardstick I can apply is CMx1 and CMx2. If there is no wego in Kharkov 1943, as I said I won't be interested, but even then I will be curious about how it stacks up against the other 2 games you've mentioned.

Care to elaborate on what you perceive to be their strengths and weaknesses?

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