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go to where you downloaded the file - it is zipped - usually, normal zip can open it and is included in windows xp or vista, so you can just double click and the file will open. If not, it may need a program to do it.

Then copy the contents - which should be a folder and a file both with the name of the campaign. select both - click, hold shift key, click the other one, then use ctrl-c or select edit menu: copy.

then past it (ctrl-v) or edit menu: paste to the following folder:

this is default install - yours will be different if you installed it somewhere else:

c:\program files\battlefront\SC2 - whichever version the game mod is made for\campaigns

paste it in there - you will see the other campaigns there too the game comes with

then when you run the game, the new one will be available when you pick your game

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Yes, it is in the campaigns sub-folder.

Just use the extrtact command. This will place all the files and folders in the correct spots.

So, copy/download into the campaigns sub-folder, right clicks on the winzip fike and select "Extract All."

Let me know if this works....

What campaign are you downloading?


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Once you extract the files, they rearrange themselves into the configuration that they were aggregated.

Once you unzip you’ll see a new ‘Campaign’ folder.

Take the folder labeled ‘_1941-42 Battle for Moscow’ and the file labeled

‘1941-42 Battle for Moscow.cgn’ and move them to your Campaign folder.

So, you unzip and the extract gives you a new Campaign folder, inside it is a folder and a file, just move those two items into your WaW Battlefront\ Strategic Command 2 Weapons and Warfare Expansion\ Campaigns folder.

Let me know how that works.


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Huhr, there are two items required the 1939 historical folder as well as the campaign file. Are both of these in the 'Campaigns' folder?

Also, can you be sure that they are the correct mods for your version of SC2? For example there are modded versions I believe for the WaW expansion as well as the PDE expansion.


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I Have the same problem, when descompres to the Campaign folder, didnt show up on the list for campaigns, mayb eis becaus the SC2 version I have? I have the SC2 v1.08 (Bundle pack) because I try to do teh same with more campaigns downloaded from CMODS and have teh same problem, need help please!, thanks in advance



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