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The HEAT-FS ammo loads for the T72M(early), T72M and T72M1 are far to high and APFSDS ammo loads very very low. The ratio is about 2.5 HEAT-FS rounds for every APFSDS round, for other T55/T62/T72M1V's it is about 2 APFSDS rounds for every HEAT-FS round (with the T72M1V having about an 1 to 1 ratio).

According to numerous JANES and other sources the normal load for the T72M was 21 HE-FRAG-FS, 6 HEAT-FS and 12 APFSDS-T rounds. The T72M1 with an increase load from 39 to 45 rounds would have some extra HEAT-FS/APFSDS-T rounds.

I have installed the recent Combat Mission Shock Force patch v1.10 and the error in ammo loads is still there. I would have assumed some one would have caught this serious error earlier (but it did take this long to fix the Republican Gaurds BMP-2 (Machinegun) weapons platoon to be able to load into their two BMP-2's).

I remember the older Combat Mission games had a direct e-mail address for game bugs etc. but I assume now we post it in the forums?

JANES Armour and Artillery 1998-1999, 19th Edition, Editor Christopher F. Foss, pg88

JANES Tank Recognition Guide, 2006 Edition, Editor Christopher F. Foss

JANES Tank Recognition Guide, 1996 Edition, Editor Christopher F. Foss

JANES AFV Recognition Handbook, 1987 Edition, Editor Christopher F. Foss

TANKS: Over 250 of the Worlds Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Chris Chant, 2004, pg221

Illustrated Directory of Tanks of the World, David Miller, 2000, pg268-273

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I can imagine the Syrians would be imagining an Abrams around every corner (whether there were any there or not). If they had a low confidence in their 125mm KE round against the fabled Abrams DU armor they very well might load up on extra HEAT out of sheer desperation. I recall reports that by 1945 U.S. 75mm Sherman tankers were carrying significantly more HC smoke than normal because their confidence in 75mm AP was about zero versus the big cats. If you can't outfight 'em you can at least blind 'em and bugger on out'a there!

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