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Mods megapack?

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A search with which word?

Use quotation marks like this, "best mods" or "mod packs". Just saw a post I made about 5 months back. Here's what I said:

The norm is to 'mod as you go'. It's actually kinda fun IMO. Seeing the default graphics in a battle and then searching CMMODs to see whats available. I also like doing side-by-side BMP comparisons, especially with possible markings options.

Also, if you feel like doing some reading/research, just search the CMBB/AK forums with "mod packs" or "best mods". Theres been alot of talk about the must-have mods.

Happy hunting! ;)

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This is what you need to look for:

terrain set : Nisseuh

southern terrain set: OSF

good terrain elements: Pat

hi contrast terrain Green as Jade

hi contrast gridded terrain RocketMan

uniforms: Andrew Fox

vehicles: MIkeyD David Ingelet Uncle Tgt Pat

winter vehicles DEY

UI mods Vincent splash screens, Tarkus UI, Vossie UI for CMAK

Mystery vehicle (essential) Der Alte Fritz Uncle Tgt

About 50 mods should do you a basic set of terrain and vehicles, 150 a good set and about 350 and you have what I have. Vehicle designers are Mikey D, David I, Pat, Uncle Tgt.

You can go for the complete mod set for a particular war: Fall Weiss, Normandy, ETO, CM West, Sealion, Pacific (Junk2drive), Spanish Civil War

You need Der Alte Fritz scenario listing and Phillippe_in_exile complete set of scenarios and then you are away!

Go to www.blowtorchscenarios.co.uk for some great history and campaigns. Also get George's great SPWs.


PS Iam going to keep a copy of this on my desktop to paste into these questions that pop up on a regular basis.

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