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Is it time to revisit...


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CM: Gettysburg!

I had the Sid Meier game which, for its time, was excellent. My guess is that a Gettysburg title would sell like hot cakes, but then I'm very biased :)

I know the horses could represent a problem, but there are sure to be work-arounds... Each horse and rider could be treated as a team, i.e. both stay together. Then adjust the current setup allowing for the team to be split again for dismounting cavalry.

I know, you don't want to do horses... But, let's look a little closer, there would be no vehicle work needed beyond wagons (again, treated as teams that one can split to thier individual elements) saving development time there.

Troops wouldn't need to be split up because the vast majority of fighting was done in formations. You would need to add hand to hand combat - limited to bayonets and sabers perhaps.

I also believe that a results based campaign would be quite compelling if done properly, which I'm sure would be the case. You would also have developed features for a presumably successful title that could be used in other titles, e.g. hand to hand combat - please note I'm not mentioning the dreaded h-word here :)

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I loved SMG! Especially the multiplayer features... oh how I'm drooling for the day when more than two can play CM online!

But doing Gettysburg with CMx2 engine might not be a good idea. Since the engine has been built specifically to allow for simulating all 21st century weapons and tactics, it means that it bends handily for mid-20th century warfare - just tone down the technological level and you're done.

But to go to 19th century, it would require some fundamental alterations to do any justice to the subject. The tactics, scale, general flow of battles and all that is completely different, so basically only the graphics engine would stay while everything else would be written from scratch. Better to invest in a bona fide muskets & cavalry game, then, such as HistWar or maybe some TotalWar mod or whatever there are in the market.

However, if you could show that Space Lobsters of Doom somehow involved in ACW, maybe...

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I personally would love Napoleonics...but I dont think that these are Steve and Charles' idea of a good time.

From BFC website:

Steve Grammont

Co-Founder of Battlefront.com

Co-Designer of Combat Mission


Background: He won't say but rumors persist of his involvement at companies such as Sierra and past games like Lord of the Realms II and Civil War Generals 2. Don't mention Onslaught to him though.

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If they had started CMx2 with Gettysburg, they would have avoided a lot of complexity with modern squad tactics, and only needed tacAI that would stand in line and fire weapons.

On the other hand they would also have to have workable code that modeled thousands of soldiers on the battlefield at one time.

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It would have to be a completely different game engine to handle the ACW. I would love to see a Battlefront ACW game, but I don't think it would be a CM game.

@MeatEtr, if you want a more realistic and groggy Civil War experience than ETW, I would check out Take Command: 2nd Manassas if you haven't already. Great stuff!

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