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Syrian Super Squads - possible bug?

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I've seen this before when I was designing 'Hasrabit' when a couple of the Republican Guard machine gun sections got 'glued' together and I couldn't separate them. I didn't care that much about it then, but in this case, it's a bit of a ball-breaker.

This is the ATGM platoon from a BTR Mech Infantry's D Company. The three teams have been amalgamated into one indivisible super team and that's not going to work in this scenario. It's not possible to split them up with an administrative order either as there are no orders available in that section for 'teams'.

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Interesting. I believe this is the TacAI at work. It has assimilated the various combat lessons against armored forces and has self-modified its organization. The new "super squad" as you call it is a rational response in the ever changing offense vs. defense dynamic. ;) ;)

Oh, thanks for Hasrabit and Perdition!!



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I have a save game available and will email it to you later. But I forgot to mention that it was like this is the scenario editor first. I noticed it when I was deploying the ATGM 'team' and thought that it was weird, so I fired the mission up to see if the problem was still there after, and there you have it.

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