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Ugly damaged wall graphic

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One of the most disappointing graphic effects in the game (to me) is the "damaged wall" graphic.

It looks seriously cartoon-comical. It looks Fred Flintstone had an accident with a chemistry set and blew out the side of his cave-dwelling.

Can this be modded? Are there any additional stages of damage we will see in the future to indicate when a wall has been decimated?

It's strictly an eye-candy thing but I just hate that graphic :)

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I assume we're talking about damaged building walls, yes? I'm very disappointed about this, too, but I believe the damaged walls are hardcoded, at least I wasn't able to identify mod-able files for them.

But I guess the problem is not just the eye candy thing, but what's beyond the eye candy. Certain weapons make holes of a certain size - well, that's likely still easy to model in terms of graphics. But when does a hole offer LOS/LOF? When can infantry pass it? Where exactly is the hole, are there more then one and with different sizes? etc etc... The current damage model is very simple in program terms: there is a wall/there is no wall, with all consequences for LOS, LOF and movement.

Anyway, I would be very pleased if the modeling of this would once be enhanced.

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