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to whom it may converns: thanks!

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first of all: english is not my first language, so if it sounds strange at times: enjoy it and fell free to correct my grammar.:D

I simple want to thank you battlefront guys for this game! I bought it 2 years ago and didnt care too much about if for the first 1 1/2 years, but since 6 months I really enjoy it and now, after I bought the marine modul, I had a few of my best computer gaming moments in my wargaming history!

I LOVE the Semper Fi! campaign, finished the "Battle for object Pooth" 2 days ago and it was absolut awesome!

Its just outstandig how dedicated your support is, in my eyes you turned this "not so good and not so bad" game into a masterpiece.

One question:

Always when I´m requesting air support and use "area target" my pilots just make a fly by and do nothing. soon i order "point target": BOOM!

could anyone explain please?

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Welcome, and thanks for your post! Your english is great!

Regarding the air support: I'm a little rusty on the details but from what I recall, when you order Area Target, the pilot is looking for targets on his own, and there is a whole number of variables which determine if he spots and ID's a target or not. It may take several passes, too. If you order a point target, then you give the pilot precise coordinates where to strike, (more or less) regardless if he sees something there or not. Hence, it usually takes less time and often means a splash on the first run.

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