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CMx2 WW2

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What are the maximum map sizes that will be available in the new WW2 games?

I am on the verge of buying a new super PC so it should run almost anything A-ok.

Steve, you mentioned that the progress of the Normandy game is at a stage beyond what most of would expect - any chance of getting some news this side of Christmas (even better - a pic or two) ???

What can I say, I was flicking through my military book collection today and it got me daydreaming about all the scenarios to create in the new game.

Throw us a bone.......!!! :D

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Its so many little things that im looking forward too, just atmosphere stuff...

Soldiers on the main MG42 opening up from a halftrack laying down suppressing fire while the squad disembarks...

Creating our own scenarios - E.g. we could re-create the march of Kampfgruppe Peiper - and where I think the scripting of both sides comes in handy as Steve said - you can make it work the way it should instead of having a force moving aimlessly to get to a victory locale on the other side of the map... You can script the tactics...

Its great for making scenarios for other people that way - although if your the one that has made the scenario - I guess you know when and where roughly the enemy forces will pop up... Cheating just a tad...!!!

Back to my original question - is there plans for bigger maps...? Would be good, having to reconnoitre with a few Puma's & Halftracks to locate the enemy on a larger map. Enough space for a flanking move etc...

Also I gather that on-map Arty is back on the cards. The high lethality of modern day weapons has always put me off post WW2 games (Naval arty in Normandy excepted)...

Things like Mortars, Infantry and AT Guns are all a must - but im guessing Nebelwerfers and the like are considered off map due to range and what ever the map size restrictions are...

Graphically I hope it looks alot more interesting than the bland Syrian countryside and lego block housing.

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