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81mm Mortars and buildings

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I did a bit of experimenting with mortars against troops in buildings. My results are not scientific by any means, though I have found them interesting enough to use the knowledge in my own battles.

81mm mortars - if you have enemy troops in a building try to get the rounds to go off in front of the building, not right on the roof. Use general - anti infantry rounds do not appear to work as well.

IF the building is single story then anti-armor appears to work reasonably well, though it doesn't seem to hurt or suppress the guys in a building as much as general does. In multi story buildings the 81mm mortar seems to work less well the higher up in the building the enemy is (which makes sense).

I tried air burst (anti-infantry) on troops in a 4th floor building thinking the blast may go off right in their faces. It does, but the effects appear to go down not out so the infantry was only marginally impacted.

120mm mortars work about the same way, though you can sometimes bring down the house with them. If you can drop a few rounds out the front door of a building the bad guys inside are usually pretty unhappy. 120mm seems to go through the roof better than the 81, but I didn't see that it went through multiple floors so if it's a 2 story and the bad guys are on the bottom floor - land the rounds next to the building not the roof.

Disclaimer! This is my take on what I've seen through a few hours of putting together mini-games and taking the side of the guys having the mortar rounds dropped on them so I can see clearly what happens to them. I haven't done a whole bunch of tests to see if some of my results may be fluke occurrences! I don't think they are though.

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