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Sound does not work when I start Shock Force

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When I start up Shock Force, I get the opening sound that accomponies the Battlefront box... but when the menu appears the sound cuts out and stays out.

-Restarting the computer and/or program does not help. Once the problem manifests, it stays until the program is reinstalled.

- It doesn't matter which sound device I use. I have used microphones, speakers, the on-board sound, a separate sound card, etc.

- Drivers are updated.

- I did not experience this prior to 1.10.

- It has happened multiples times seemingly at random, and I could only solve it by reinstalling. I'll do that again if necessary, but it is really annoying having to reinstall the game every time this decides to happen.


Custom built Windows XP 32 bit computer

ASUS P5NSLI motherboard

E6600 dual core processor, 2 GB RAM

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card

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