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Fallout 3


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How do the mechanics compare to Oblivion? I know a lot of people placed concern on this, and I'd be curious as to how the PS3 plays, which would be my initial interest, vs how moddable it is for the PC version? Ever since really getting into wargaming I don't bother to buy nearly as many games as I used to because, hey, $60 for 2 weeks of fun, or $40 for years?

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Very similar in feel to Oblivion, so if you liked that game, you will LOVE Fallout 3.

Everything is amazing about this game. I been playing Dead Space, which is great, but I had to stop for Fallout. This will be the game of the year for sure

The world is huge, and very scary. I havent got very far yet, just trying to scrounge up some scrap metal and things to sell, still around the close area near the Vault. The only city Ive been in is Megaton.

The dialog is basically choices of good, bad, and everything in between. Sometimes you might get 5-6 choices of anwsers, but usually just good, neutral and bad.

When you steal or do bad things, you get Bad Karma, and vice versa. Dont know yet what it does or how it affects the game. I am usually a nice character

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Fallout 3 is good but sadly I don't have the power to run it sufficiently at the moment. I bought a new 700W PSU and a Club3d Radeon 4870 overclocked edition a few weeks ago. The 4870 didn't work in EVE online so I had to return it. It had the frequency jumping problem and Club3d didn't fix the BIOS in time like Sapphire did so I had to return it.

Now I'm waiting for an nVidia MSI GTX280 to be delivered in the mail. Yeah I know a 4870x2 or a 9800x2 is quicker, but they're also louder and generates more heat with their double gpu-cores. They're also at maximum potential while the GTX280 isn't. In a year or so I'll probably buy another 280 and SLI it.

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I'm a BIG fan of Wasteland and Fallout 1&2, the latter are actually still installed on my current system. So much for my credentials... ;)

I got my copy of Fallout 3 today and have played for a couple of hours now. My verdict: I love the game! It actually feels like Fallout. The grafics are nice, the atmosphere is fantastic, characters and dialogues are great and sometimes hillarious, and the VATS system actually works surprisingly well in combat. Blowing a mutant's head off rarely felt so rewarding in a game before! :D

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Just an FYI for anyone interested: the system requirements are for a video card capable of shaders 2.0b. Notice the 'b'. A vanilla shader 2.0 card, while havin' plenty of horsepower, will not suffice for this game. Several hundred people on Bethesda’s forums are now lamenting the ambiguous requirements that were released before the game where a shader 2.0 card was mentioned, though nothing was said of the 'b' appended to the 2.0 part 'till now, by Bethesda.

I know several people who ran Oblivion fine, but found themselves unable to start Fallout 3, despite being told that if they could run Oblivion, then they'd be able to run Fallout 3 fine, by folks on the forums and the Beth.devs.

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The music.. Ah the music.

I like to tune in Galaxy News Radio and listen to the oldies while I'm exploring the wastes. It's a superb soundtrack.

If you liked any of the previous fallouts in any way shape or form, you will dig this. It's got it all...the Vault, rad scorpions, rats, cockroaches, an improved PIP Boy, nuclear explosions, ghouls, raiders, stimpacks, iguana on a stick, you name it, it's all there.

Quite possibly best game ever.

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Atmosphere and graphics are awesome, sounds are great (love the radio stations hehe) and the dialogue is fair.

On the other hand, the ai is horrid - characters fall and seem to have no idea how to walk around the terrain, animations are worse than games that came out many years ago, and the whole thing comes across as being extremely unpolished and beta-like. Combat is goofy, with stuff like baseball bats doing more damage than 10mm and 357 rounds directly to the head. Those will take several hits just to take down a regular human being to boot.

The Karma system is also messed up. The fellow in the bar won't tell me where my father went without me doing some "collections" work for him, but killing him for his terminal access is a bad Karma event that triggers the entire town attacking you. The whole town just automatically knows Moriarty has been stabbed. Ok...

Two thumbs down from me. There's probably a great story in there and the environments are spectacular, but this is pretty silly game-play and more work on basic game mechanics like the AI before it should have been done before it was released.

I'll give it ago after it's been patched in a few months. What a bummer. Bethesda is all image.

Does the AI auto-detect when you steal in this one just like Oblivion?

Interesting notes! Do you mean that even if no one witnesses your killing of the fellow in the bar that the town automatically attacks you?

I'm planning on buying Fallout1, Fallout2, and Fallout Tactics from gog.com for a total of $18USD tonight or this weekend! Not too bad of a price! F1 and F2 are rated at 5/5 after 2000 fan votes (FT comes in at 4/5). Fallout3 looks interesting and I may give it a go!


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Patrocles..you'll feel very much at home with all those titles after playing Fallout3.

The game system for the older titles is virtually identical to that used in FO3.

You'll notice that combat in those games is similar and doesn't have nearly as many catastrophic kills as you achive using VATS in FO3.

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I'm curious how much the terrain and locations correspond to the actual washington area. Scales are off obviously but I wonder how many of the landmarks like water treatment stations and schools are actual places. I google'd springvale elementary and "washington" for example but didn't find anything. If anyone recognizes some of the less famous spots in the game let us know!

Greyditch appears to correspond to Clarendon.

The subway map, is not identical to the real Metro, but some of the stops and the line colors are comparable.

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