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New uniform mod pack released


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Hey everyone,

I have released a pack of uniforms onto CMMODs. These are part of a larger infantry mod set I am working on, but it will take quite some time to fully complete, so I am releasing the uniforms so far completed so that other modders/designers can take advantage of them.


The initial set of uniforms includes Woodland, 3-color desert, 6-color desert, and an improved version of my woodland MARPAT. And just for fun, I also did Urban camo, Marine Urban, and anti-NV. The men also come randomly in three colors of nomex gloves, and four colors of balaclavas (or none). The Urban and Woodland also have speedlace combat boots, which look acceptable from a distance, but up close are still a bit of a work in progress. ;)

Each uniform is 50% cotton/50% polyester ripstop (helmet cover all cotton), with every exposed stitch line and separate piece of fabric shown.

I plan on applying these patterns to the gear as well, and possibly adding the following patterns (Your suggestions appreciated!): re-done ACU, re-done desert MARPAT, Tiger stripe, Iraqi police/military, blue urban camo.

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That looks really good. Personally I'm most interested in redone ACU and desert MARPAT with some random personal gear to break conformity. There are already such mods (from you, I think) but to have the face masks for US ARMY, it seems I have to use also the MARINE SOF mod, which looks nice, but I don't like mods that "change" the unit type just for the sake of it, because in most cases there are not much scenarios to play where they would fit. This also is the reason I will download all your different patterns, - but in the end I will only use the ones who fit in the modern syrian setting (and are actually fielded).

So I would really like to see you first redraw all the stock uniforms.

I also have the UNCON ragtag mods (from Mord I think), which is a good idea to implement all the different camo out there in CMSF in a good way. If you could make something similar or add some more variations to it, that would be very nice. For combatants there should be all kind of camouflage (cheap asian rip-offs contributed by 'foreign backers') and civil clothing in many possible random combinations. Fighters should have no civilian clothing, only seldom woodland but mostly desert/urban patterns often in same pattern for trousers and shirt.

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I should also mention that the .psd files for these are available upon request. Although they would have to be condensed somewhat... the .psd file for this project is 256 MB!!! I takes photoshop about two minutes to save the file. :D

ETA: Grr, cmmods is down.

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The MOLLE and vests should be released later tonight. In addition to the Marine-style vest shown, I am also doing a variation with the MOLLE vest on top.

In another thread, I mentioning I am also doing these new camo patterns. No ETA on them:

Iraqi Police 1 (A digital MARPAT in blue)

Iraqi Police 2 (Blue-colored Urban)

ACUPAT re-done

Arid MARPAT re-done

Multicam (If anyone has a good pic of the pattern, I would appreciate it)

CADPAT Woodland


DPM Woodland

DPM Arid

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