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Why do my reinforcements appear facing the wrong way?

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Can you orient the reinforcement marker in the scenario editor? This might fix.

I don't think you can orient the marker.

Fritz -- sounds like a "friendly edge" issue. I've seen something like this for units that start on the map, but not as reinforcements. I poked around in the editor and could not get a similar result. Are they coming in at the edge of the map or somewhere in the center?

Send me the file, I'll take a look. I emailed you my address.


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May also have something to do with setup zones (or lack thereof). Have never experienced this quirk but have experienced multiple (sometimes many) units appearing stacked in a single tile (as new units in Scenario Editor-Map View, definitely; as reinforcements, possibly). I know restrictive terrain and steep slopes do some quirky things with reinforcement arrivals - have had AI deliver reserves in locations where they are trapped in an accessible terrain tile surrounded by restrictive terrain. I know this doesn't help, but my experience is the same as RockinHarry. Hope BannonDC posts his thoughts after he looks at the file

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