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Is silhouetting implemented?

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I think for terrain to have a LOS effect you've either got to be behind it or in it. I can't think of an instance that being in front of background 'clutter' reduced the AI's spotting ability. Though I do admit troops standing on top of things - whether hills or houses - seems to reduce life expectancy. Maybe that's just because of the unobstructed LOF.

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There is no special spotting rules for silhouetting. However, if you are up on the crest of a hill, with nothing behind you and nothing around you, your chances of being spotted are very high. Hopping over a wall doesn't do anything special, I think. As far as I know it's the same as if the soldier is in the standing position with feet on the ground. In other words, I don't think the soldier is treated as if it is now standing on the wall because its so quick and always temporary.


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