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Help request: v. 1.10 TF Thunder campaign missing

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I wonder if anyone can help me. I patched CMSF from 1.08 to 1.10 with the Marines module and everything seems to be working fine... except the following: whether I open TF Thunder or TF Lightning campaigns, TF Lightning opens (this wasn't the problem before). The .cam files are both named differently and they are different sizes, but it makes no difference. The first mission is always the fort at the beginning of TF Lightning....

Is this a known bug? Any assistance appreciated, before I go and reinstall over saved games etc.


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I could've sworn that TF Lightning is a campaign from the South East in Iraq and TF Thunder is from the North at the Turkish border - at least, that's what I got from TF Narwick, that it accompanies TF Thunder.... But then, I never played "TF Thunder".... Perhaps the larger file is the enhanced version....

In any case, that helps a lot, thanks. There are plenty of good campaigns to download out there in addition to the stock.

I still seem to have Yakima....

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Hmm, I've got the petradon boxed version with marine module tacked on. Only campaigns I've got are TF Thunder and the Marine one. Suggestions?


Install the v1.01 patch for Paradox. This will install the missing campaign (as well as the tutorial). IMPORTANT: you'll need to reinstall the Marines module afterwards.

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