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Hi, I'm back to CMAK after a very long LOA, unfortunately i can't remember all the good stuff.

I wonder if there's a list of all the must have mods out there.

I know cmmods but - please please please don't take this the wrong way, I appreciate the work, really! - the site is not very helpful. Usually on those kinds of websites you can find the good stuff by looking for the most downloaded files, but i don't see a way to find those on cmmods. So it's really hard, not to say impossible for me to find any stuff I should try out. Trying out some random things that just sound interesting is no option. ;) And again, because this is very important to me: don't get me wrong! I appreciate all the work!

My main interest at the moment lies in gfx or texture enhancements or whatever there is available, and things that make working on the map a little easier, like good grids and maybe other interesting gadgets that I don't know yet.

Big thanks in advance!

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Complete Terrain set (gridded or not)


Rocket Man

Hi Contrast Terrain set

Green As Jade

General Terrain items:

Mikey D (sky, rubble, buildings, etc)

DEY (snow)

GW (terrain)

GURRA (terrain)

Pat (Terrain buildings, etc)

VOSSIE user interface

TARKUS Dirty olive user interface

Vincent Splash Screens

Uncle Tgt Mystery Vehicles

DAF Mystery Vehicles

Malakovskis Dirty/Dusty Bomb






DavidI (snow versions)

DEY (snow versions)

Download that lot and you will cover most things


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Spec 10,

You should run a thread search for "Announcing CMETO" and "Announcing CM Normandy". Kinda one stop shopping for all terrain for NW Europe 1944-'45 and Normandy 6/44 through 8/44. Put together by some awesome dude with mods from the best mod artists around.

In all humility,


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