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Javelin, Fire then hide problem


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I've noticed that when you want to sneak a Javelin into position, then fire it and duck, that they fire - reload it, THEN follow the hide command. I have not figured out how to get them to hide immediately. Have them slow move away first maybe? This may be something to change in 1.11 (or be looked into anyway).

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I usually keep my at-team somewhere covered behind a building or something, and then use quick move to shooting position with narrow cover arc to area where the target is, pause 15 seconds, and then fast move back to cover. If you play real-time you can be bit more efficient because you probably do not need whole 15 seconds. I think it's for the best to switch positions because eliminating your at is quite high on the opponents things to do list and Javelin launch is easy to spot. It also gives you an opportunity to acquire fresh javelins from nearby vehicles.

Yes, this post should be on tactics and this did not reply to original question. ;)

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I thought it was fairly clear I'm not asking how to USE the missile which should be on the tactics thread, I'm pointing out that in the game the firing man stays up and vulnerable to fire until he's reloaded and THEN ducks.

I'm not a Marine or Army man, but it seems to me that once you fire the missile and announce your location to the world - Ducking for cover would be the first priority (self preservation) - then reload the silly thing before deciding if it's safe to pop up and fire it again at a different target.

Try the original campaign mission 1 - the berm. You can sneak an ATGM team up on top to fire at targets beyond without drawing fire. Fire the ATGM and you draw fire. The firing Soldier stays up and vulnerable for a time, even with a hide order - I assume to reload the launcher.

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