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Multiplayer Isssues

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A known issue with CMBO is that when units are captured (usually crews) there can be a problem with TCP/IP games. The generating computer (typically the faster of the two computers) will generate the movie and play it back. The data that is sent to the slower client ends up locking up while 'downloading' and the movie is never played. Again this typically happens when a crew is captured, but sometimes it can be another unit that is captured.

I don't know if either of the autosaves will work to allow you to continue directly with the TCP/IP game (the last turn generated will have to be given up). Otherwise you can PBEM a turn with one of these autosaves (I assume the client might be the best choice). After an exchange and movie generation via PBEM you should be able to continue the game via TCP/IP (until another crew is captured in which case there is a high probability that the bug will repeat).

Right now there are no planned patches to CMBO to fix this. BTS is busy coding up and testing CMBB. It is possible that after CMBB has been sufficiently patched (after its release) that BTS may patch this bug in CMBO. CMBB does not have this bug as there was some significant rewriting of the TCP/IP code for CMBB.

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Which autosave file are you using ? I believe the one on the 'server' will reproduce the problem, while the one on the 'client' may allow you to go on (but if the captured crew is still there it may not proceed). Again, you'll probably need to conduct a full turn via PBEM and then resume the TCP/IP play.

Unfortunately you'll be unable to kill the crew since the bug will occur as soon as a crew is captured (you'll have no capability of issuing orders to kill them before lockup).

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