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Little number beside the unit icons?

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Just starting playing SC2 and was wondering what the little numbers beside the unit icons mean. I have some units with one '1' beside them and some with three "1's! beside them. I've looked through the manual and this board but can't find what they mean.

If I did miss the info in the manual or this board, I apologize. But could someone explain what these numbers represent?

Many thanks!

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The numbers are refering to upgrades for the unit.

-Inf have three total:Motorization.inf weapons anti tank.Paras.have longrange air instead of motorization

-Tanks have motorization and heavy tank

-Fighters have longrange air and advanced fighters

-Tac.bombers have anti tank,anti ship,longrange air

-Same applys for all the rest of the units.

-With commanders you can upgrade to a better one.They cant have anyother upgrades added.

If you have the SC2 manual look on page 19.It will explain it all.Hope this helps.

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