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Marines and Quick Battles

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Firstly, I am delighted with the new module and the 1.10 upgrades. Congratulations on the many excellent upgrades to this superb simulation. I am VERY impressed with the new terrain conformation improvements by the soldier AI. Men line up along walls for protection and seek depressions in terrain - what a fine improvement in realism!

I have enjoyed playing Quick Battles in the past, but it seems that some odd force selections are being generated by this feature when the Marines are chosen. I think that the cross-attachment of resources, as discussed in the Marines module documentation, is too flexible and complex to be well represented by the current Quick Battles generator. For example, I often receive only an anti-tank platoon consisting chiefly of heavy wire-guided non-mobile crews when I have an assault task. This assignment is completely inappropriate to the circumstances and grossly unbalanced to the job at hand.

Perhaps some prepackaged Marine force mixes with apropriately cross-attached assets need to be concocted to represent the various Quick Battles sizes and task types. Or maybe real men don't bother playing Quick Battles ;).


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Very good post. However I had problems with QB's before 1.10 also, since it's very hard to create a balanced battle. There is a thread somewhere about small improvements that could be done to QB's for CMSF (no major ones will happen), I suggest you look it up and join the discussion :)

EDIT: I looked it up: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=83611

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