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1.10 Freezing upon startup with Vista

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I have Vista and just yesterday, i got the the day before, i had gotten the mod. Well when i hit "ok" on the little popup that asks for permission, the screen goes black after a few seconds of disk loading. The screen remains black until i restart by holding the power button. Nothing moves and nothing responds during the time that the screen is black. I did notice however, that iTunes could finish playing a song but couldn't continue playing something.

Can someone help?

P.S - Sometimes, the game does load, but its ussually on the 3rd or 4th restart and its getting to me a little. so basically, it has loaded with the mods i have.

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There should be no popup at all asking you for permission to do anything after correctly installing the game. Are you running the game with the option "Run as admin"? It might also be a problem with the intro video not playing correctly. Remove it from the installation folder and see if that helps.

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If i don't run as admin, it still has a popup that says "an unidentified program is trying to access your computer blah blah blah" That's fine. When I deleted the vid it worked only when I ran the game from the C drive. IF i click my desktop shortcut, it still freezes. When it freezes, i can hear my computer simply stop working all together. the fan cuts and the whirring stops.

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