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1.10 improves friendly fire?

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I haven't seen anything in the readme about it, but I have the impression that 1.10 has improved some of the excessive friendly fire seen in previous versions of CMSF.

The "Dar al as Sud" battle in the TF Thunder campaign was always a showcase for this problem. (I think that's the name--it's the battle with the crossroads and Airport Hotel victory locations.) Whenever I sent troops forwards (after the sun had begun to go down), their supporting units would open up on them after they advanced about 100 meters. When replaying the battle last night with 1.10, however, I didn't see any of this behavior.

Maybe the addition of an icon for NVGs has convinced the engine that units can keep track of their buddies even at night. Has anyone else noticed a change?

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Don't trust your airpower though. I've found that, depending on the pilots experience level and the lighting conditions, the plane/copter with an 'area target' circle will attack anything that moves and many things that don't. I don't know which is in more danger of attack, the enemy, the random abandoned cars along the road, or me! :D

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The idea of "Danger close" seems to be much more of a reality here - the first few rounds seem to drop much farther from the target than the spotting rounds in <1.10. I also like how spotting is dynamic, and you can now see the rounds zeroing in before the FFE. Definitely an improvement!

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