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3 new USMC scenarios posted

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USMC Rescue the pilot - This is a rescue mission. Your two platoons have to free and extract a downed pilot from indian country.

USMC Desert Duel - It's a Marine Module mission, but not USMC: an Abrams and a T-90SA fight a duel in a hilly desert. The Abrams lost his unit and try to connect, the T-90 was sent by Syrians for propaganda reasons.

USMC Trouble in Ponchoville - This is a CMSF representation of TDG #04-12. Your platoon have secure a village and find for enemy depos.

You can download from here:


or from CMMODS.

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Well, i tried 2 out of 3: Desert Duel and Trouble in Ponchoville. Very nice maps indeed, but i would change some things, if you want my opinion. Desert Duel would be way much better if the map was larger and had more elevations on terrain, so the tanks had a harder time finding each other. Trouble in Ponchoville is quite fine, but i find it too easy. The amount of blue troops is fine, but perhaps red should have more, or maybe armored support. The only time i played, i won with no KIA, no WIA, and no lightly wounded soldiers or damaged vehicles at all, all of my units were green (but i was running low on ammo :P)

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Thanks Felix!

Desert Duel: it was a very quick mission to exemine how T-90 is good. I tried to create higher elevation, but I don't want to big map (because few units). But you have to try this mission on both side.

Ponchoville: it has a story by Marines Gazette. I didn't want to change it. And I didn1t want to create a very difficult mission. It's just a training mission: if you place your units well, you can do it without casuality.

Rescue the Pilot: I hope you will play with this mission soon, because it's hard and perfect for you. It's impossible to do it without KIA, WIA. But you have to SOLVE the problem with low casuality as possible.

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