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Lav Atgm?

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Just cranked up this scenario again and now they do have the gunners. Maybe they died the last time. Doesn't explain why my LAV ATGMs can't hit anything though. I've played the scenario 3 times and they are 0 for 7. Was really pissed when in one scenario they fired 3 shots, all misses, and a T-55 returns fire and has a first round hit.

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Your probably seeing a bug that gives the LAV AT only 3 crew men. They should have four. This caused them to be rather "blind". The bug was fixed, prior 1.10(fixed) I don't think the scenario got updated with the corrected LAV's.

3 options:

  1. You correct the LAV issue yourself by using the scenario designer. Purchase a new set of LAV AT's and delete the old ones. Thus giving you the corrected 4 man LAV ATs.

  2. Beg BFC to correct this scenario TO&E for the next 1.11 patch.

  3. Hope that, through no fault of our scenario designer, the Outstanding MarkEzra would correct this on his own limited free time and post it for all the world to enjoy. :)

Small suggestion on this scenario, maybe break up the cliff wall just a little bit more, they have this "Hoover Dam" look that makes the cliffs seem artificial. Fun scenario overall

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Thx for the reply Huntarr. I think you are correct cause I only remember there being 3 crewmen in my vehicles.

On one of my vehicles a crewman had the back hatch open to reload and a T-55 shot at the vehicle. He missed, but the round hit the escarpment right behind the vehicle and the blast killed the exposed crewman. After that they only had 2 men in the vehicle.

In another curious episode my LAV ATGM was in a perfect hull down position with only the TOW launcher exposed. A T-55 shot hit the launcher damaging the optics. One worthless vehicle without its TOW. Them Syrian tank gunners are damn good!

I am also curious why all the USMC leaders in this scenario are -1. Every single one, both for the vehicle and the dismounts. Must be my old CO's (when I was at 8th&I. He was an LAR guy) LAR Bn. He didn't train them right. (Thats a joke. He was actually good to go.)

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