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Global Variable

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AFAIK if you use multiple global variables they have to be different ones. The logic function is then 'and' not 'or'.


#GV = 1[1,70]

#GV = 2[81,100]

This way you can fine tune your tactics.

I have never come across a situation that would need an 'or' function. In your above example just set #GV = 1[1,90] to get the same odds.

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Ok - that is what I am assuming from now on - it did not hit me with an error message for 2 so I was not sure. The error messages for scripts are very valuable by the way. I also discovered that the unit event needs an impossible position condition for the date to default. Otherwise if the position is satisfied it still happens then.

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I had been using multiple GVs in my Star Trek mod (freshly converted to Pacific Theatre ;)) as it would have allowed me to use variations within variations. For example:

GV#1 = Klingon Aggression (1-50 = Aggressive Raiding, 51-100 = Aggressive Conquering)

GV#2 = Klingon Tactics (1-25 = Against Borg, 26-50= Against Romulans, 51-75 = Against Cardassians, 76-100 = Against Minors)

Hence if GV#1 = 27 and GV#2 = 43 then the Klingon scripts have a bias towards fleet actions against the Romulan Star Empire.

Using 2 GVs it is then possible for me to coordinate the scripting of the other races to ensure greater variability of how the game plays out.

However it seems I have been over ambitious... at least having only one GV used at any time it will make scripting easier ;)

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