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Whatever happened to "shocked" status?


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Remember that cool little state you'd get in CMX1 when a vehicle was hit and one of the crew got dead? When the rest of the guys would puke in their helmets and be shocked for a bit by what went down? Is that still represented in the game? I've never noticed...if not, will it return in CM Normandy?

I am hoping when WWII comes around we'll get back some of those awesome little detail features that were a part of the cool factor of CMX1. Don't get me wrong, there's lots of cool factor in CMSF, but I'd just like to see some of what was best about the old engine, that is missing, make a revival. The better CMX2 gets the more I miss seeing some of this stuff along side it...detailed armor hits, kill list, fire, etc.

BTW I just tried the patch and all I can say is WOW! ^5! the immersion has shot up even farther for me now! Amazing how some new sounds can really open up the game...let alone the wall hugging I viewed.


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